Rustic Oak Dining Arm Chair

This classic Appalachian design has been part of the mountains for generations and now we have immortalize this beautiful chair in high quality hand cast aluminum. One of the most popular of the Rustic Oak Collection, this chair is a welcome addition to any outdoor venue. Extremely comfortable and built to last a lifetime. Cushion optional.

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Rustic Oak Dining Chair
A wonderful companion chair that lends style and beauty to our Rustic Oak Collection. It’attention to detail is incredibly lifelike and many of our clients have bought more after their original order. We have gone to great lengths to provide a furnishing that your family
will cherish for years. Cushion optional.

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Rustic Oak Square Coffee Table


A large scale coffee table for a large area and a more contemporary look. This table is available with a glass top or a aluminum top.

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Rustic Oak Square Dining Table
This dining table seats 4-8 people
comfortably when combined with
the dining side chair either in "Antler",
"Rustic Oak", or "Mountain Pine".

It will seat 4-6 people with a
combination of dining arm chairs
and dining side chairs. The "Rustic Oak" dining table is available with either a glass or aluminum top.
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Rustic Oak Side Table

A must for relaxing in a lounge chair or settee. This "Rustic Oak" table mixes nicely with the other Lazy CF Ranch chair lines.
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